Respecting Our Environment

Environmental protection in all its processes is an essential objective of Sensient Food Colors Europe. The ISO 14001 certificate from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) demonstrates Sensient’s approach to protect natural resources in its manufacturing, logistics and administrative processes. Our certified environmental management system enables us to minimize energy, water and raw materials consumption as well as reduce waste and emissions to prevent environmental pollution.

The Environmental Policy of Sensient Colors Europe GmbH

For Sensient Colors Europe GmbH environmental protection is a central and sustainable corporate goal; our clear objective is for all employees to realize this through the responsibility of their actions.

We actively work to protect natural resources and adopt the principle of
“responsible care” with the following directives:

- Minimizing the consumption of energy, water and raw materials
- Reducing waste and emissions
- Prevention of environmental pollution

The commitment to continual improvement, as well as ensuring compliance with the relevant legal regulations, are also integral elements of our management system

With interested parties, customers and authorities, we have an open dialogue on environmental issues. We also actively encourage our business partners to work under the same environmental standards we have adopted.

All of our environmentally related activities and objectives are coordinated and evaluated in an ISO 14001 certified environmental management programme.